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I joined Alamy shortly after they were set up in 1999 (in fact I was one of a few photographers actually called by the startup agency and asked to join!) and I have contributed regularly since then.  I’m not one of the ‘big fish’ at Alamy (some photographers have hundreds of thousands of images online with Alamy, but I have a mere 10k!), and I split my images with different agencies (Getty have a lot, as do Corbis, and I supply a lot of specialist agencies, notably GapPhotos).  I love the diversity of sites like Alamy and can spend many hours trawling through… It may not seem like work, but I seriously see ‘looking at pictures’ as an important part of my daily routine… I used to spend ages in WH Smith doing the same thing, but the joy of the internet is that you can do it at home, with a cup of coffee to hand!  its an inspiring site, and I have achieved many big sales through the years.  Unfortunately these days the sales are a lot smaller than they used to be and its more of a numbers game…. go and check them out… anyway, heres part of my latest submission, currently uploading…
Stock Photography for Alamy

Click here to see all my images at Alamy…
Stock photography by mark bolton at Alamy

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