Autumn at East Prawle

What a year for REAL seasons in the countryside of Britain.  We had a real cold winter, a wet spring, a LONG hot summer and now a colourful autumn.  We are just moving in to winter, which is bittersweet I always think, but the memories of a lovely year, weather wise, come flooding back (maybe not the best analogy?!)  every time I flick through all the photographs on my computer..  and here are some of those images, along with a bit of John Clare’s poetry (the best ever nature poet?)

autumn photography from the seaside at East Prawle

Autumnal atmospherics at East Prawle, Devon


I love the fitfull gusts that shakes 
The casement all the day 
And from the mossy elm tree takes 
The faded leaf away 
Twirling it by the window pane 
With thousand others down the lane. 


John Clare

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