Hotel Photography at Tewkesbury Park, Gloucestershire

Tewkesbury Park is beautifully sited, surrounded by a rolling golf course, and with views across to the Cotswolds that any Hotel visitor would die for (and in fact, any photographer would die to photograph!).  The new owners have taken on a big job, but have (with the help of vastly experienced manager Patrick Jones) revamped and revitalised the place.  Its smart, cool and comfortable.  I photograph a lot of hotels and have seen many ‘top end’ a place spoiled by being a bit too cool and ‘distant’.  Here, they have managed to be super chic but also friendly and approachable.  The design is thanks to Jane Clayton, and the added wow factor is thanks to those lovely rolling hills..

Photography at Tewkesbury Park Hotel

Photography at Tewkesbury Park Hotel, Spring 2016

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