I have been visiting Venice, Italy for many years… for a travel photographer its a must-see place… possibly the most beautiful city in the world, it has no cars (a photographers dream!) and even in deepest winter it shines out… the buildings and history are unparalleled and around every corner is a view or detail that demands to be photographed.  Travel Photography is all about atmosphere and a ‘sense of place’ and its hard to go wrong here.  Perhaps the biggest problem is the fact that it must also be the most photographed city in the world, so doing something original is more difficult than in more ‘ordinary’ cities.  I love it and look forward to my two day ‘jobs’ there… it’s not really a ‘job’ is it?!  A wonderful place…


“But come back in November or December, in February or March, when the fog, la nebbia, settles upon the city like a marvelous monster, and you will have little trouble believing that things can appear and disappear in this labyrinthine city, or that time here could easily slip in its sprockets and take you, willingly or unwillingly, back.” –Erica Jong, “A City of Love and Death: Venice”