Photography at the Great Mosque of Córdoba (the Mezquita)

Photographing in public places like this is always a bit tricky…. the crowds are always in the way (!), the fact that, unless you have pre-arranged, you cant really carry a tripod, and above all else, EVERY single person in the world has already done the shot you want…. that aside, I really wanted to see this place, and obviously, I had a camera with me.  It IS amazing, and as a lover of beautiful interior spaces, I can safely say its one of the most fantastically strange and atmospheric I have ever been in.  And the history behind it is as fascinating as you can imagine.  All the images were shot hand-held, most at very high ISO… a great day out.

The Mequita, or Mosque at Cordoba, Spain, colourful columns at the ancient Mosque

The Mequita, or Mosque at Cordoba, Spain

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