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Autumn at East Prawle

What a year for REAL seasons in the countryside of Britain.  We had a real cold winter, a wet spring, a LONG hot summer and now a colourful autumn. 

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Snowdrops at Avon Bulbs

It was a super windy day today (not great for photographing flowers in the outdoors!), so I found myself shooting the superb collection of Snowdrops (Galanthus) in the greenhouses at the excellent Avon Bulbs.

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Hedgerows full of Wild Flowers here in South Devon

I’m supposed to be on holiday, but I can’t help myself. The weather has been ‘iffy’ and lure of the pub lunch has worn off, but the flowers are beckoning. Just a quick walk around the lanes then

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Frosty Garden Photography at Hanham Court Gardens, Bristol

Just returned from a lovely but freezing tramp around my friends garden in Bristol. Frosty weather is great for the garden photographer because it emphasises the shapes and structure of a well designed garden (not many are as well designed as this one!)

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Spring Garden Photography

Just a little reminder that these long dark days will end with a burst of colour, sometime around march or april next year… its worth the wait! Thanks to Hanham Court and Hilliers Gardens for letting me in to photograph their gardens last year!

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Shaun the Sheep versus Summer Pond

If you come to Bristol to see the ‘Shaun in the City’ charity arts trail, and you pop in to see the Shaun at the Bristol University Botanic Gardens, leave time to whizz in to the gardens

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Easter in Italy

this photograph was taken in the lovely Garfagnana; a hidden gem in Tuscany… not far from Lucca, it’s the wild hill country North of Florence

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Magnolia Flowers

The Magnolias are in full flower… great big weird flowers with an improbable colour and appearance (the flowers are too big for the twigs they sit on, surely?). I love this time of year and these trees always make me want to whizz down the motorway to Cornwall… home of the spring garden

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Flower Photography at Keukenhof

These tulips, shot last year at Keukenhof, have amazing colours and shapes that are often the result of mutations in the flower. Keukenhof is an amazing place if you love tulips, and if you get bored there, you can always nip into Amsterdam 😉

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Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

Thanks to the wonderful chef Raymond Blanc (‘RB’ to all those that work with him) for letting Homes and Gardens (me actually!) photograph the new vegetable garden at his property..

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