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Photography for Interior Designers

I have been doing a lot of work with a brilliant young interior designer in London, Irene Gunter. She has her own company, ‘Gunter and Co’

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Martin Hulbert Interior Design

Martin Hulbert is an internationally known and award winning designer of private residences, hotels and restaurants. His work is cool, calm and collected, and this house I shot for him in London is characterised by Martin’s brilliant choice of restrained colour

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Interior Photography Bristol and London

Two features out at the moment, in Homes and Gardens, and in 25 Beautiful Homes. Many thanks to the relevant mags, but also to the owners….

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Salcombe Harbour Hotel Photography

the job of photographing the new hotel development of the old Marine Hotel, now called the Salcombe Harbour Hotel, for the designers, DoDesign.

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Interior Photography over the summer

I shoot interiors… I always have done, and in fact, the only assisting I ever did as a younger photographer was with one of the great interior photographers. I also shoot gardens, lifestyle and food, travel and hotels

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Palma Cathedral, Majorca

The glory of Palma – a magnificent Gothic cathedral whose sandstone walls and flying buttresses seem to rise out of the sea…. the cathedral at Palma (AKA ‘La Seu’)

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March 2013 magazine coverage

Great start to the year for interior photography with some lovely pieces being published… Homes and Gardens have just done two of my features, both houses shot in London towards the end of last year.

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In Awkward Reverence..

I photographed a number of churches a couple of years ago, and was on the verge of actually embarking on a book about the interiors, before the publishers pulled out (something about a recession I think…).

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Top Floor Rugs 2012

I spent an enjoyable day photographing the beautiful rugs designed by top designer Esti Barnes recently. Her company, ‘Top Floor Rugs’ has become a leading source for distinctive contemporary hand-made rugs and carpets

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Interior Photography

The weather has been particularly bead of late, so I haven’t been able to shoot a lot of outdoor stuff. So the garden photography has been in short supply. However, the interiors are still looking lovely

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