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Winter walk in East Prawle, Devon

Winter Walk by John Clare

The holly bush, a sober lump of green,
Shines through the leafless shrubs all brown and grey,
And smiles at winter be it eer so keen
With all the leafy luxury of May.

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IPhone 8 plus review

I just bought an iPhone 8 plus.  I’m a keen iPhoneographer (is there such a word?!) and the main reason for updating from a 6 plus is the supposedly better camera

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Palma Cathedral, Majorca

The glory of Palma – a magnificent Gothic cathedral whose sandstone walls and flying buttresses seem to rise out of the sea…. the cathedral at Palma (AKA ‘La Seu’)

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Royal York Crescent view from the balcony..

A view from our new abode.. taken with an iphone and a little help from pano app, photoshop app and tiltshift app

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Dittisham spring

Been weekending in Dittisham, shooting for the lovely ‘Fingals’ hotel… Spotted these spring flowers in the village…

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More iphone in paris photography

iphone photography (or iphoneography!) in Paris… a beautiful place to shoot travel photography…

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Iphone paris photography

travel photography in Paris, France.

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Eiffel Tower view

Beautiful view despite the mist!

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San Gimignano panoramic

This image, shot on an iPhone with ‘Pano’ app has been chosen to be exhibited in the prestigious Royal West of England Academy 2011 photography show…. not bad for a mobile phone pic?

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Cardinal Newman Brompton Oratory

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