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Photography at the Great Mosque of Córdoba (the Mezquita)

Photographing in public places like this is always a bit tricky…. the crowds are always in the way (!), the fact that, unless you have pre-arranged, you cant really carry a tripod, and above all else, EVERY single person in the world has already done the shot you want

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Hotel Photography Italy

I have worked many times in Italy, shooting for hotels and magazines.  I love the countryside, the food and the culture, and I can even speak enough Italian to get by!  Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to photograph at some beautiful hotels

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Florence, Italy

For the heart of man beat higher That day in Florence,

flooding all her streets And piazzas with a tumult and desire.

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Black and White Prints

doing a series of almost abstract images of a tiny bit of beach in South Devon, and am fascinated by the shapes and texture, especially late evening..

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Stock Photography in France

I have just returned from France, primarily to shoot a couple of beautiful houses, but also to shoot some stock images for my photo library Alamy.

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Lovely Lucca….

Lovely Lucca, queen of Italian cities? genteel, elegant, a little arrogant, but best of all, beautiful…

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Autumn in The Garfagnana, Tuscany

Anyone whose visions of Tuscan countryside revolve solely around the undeniably romantic idea of hilltop villas with cypress lined driveways snaking up through the vines, poppies or sunflowers has probably not made it up north to the Garfagnana.

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East Prawle Jubilee celebrations, 2012

East Prawle Jubilee Fair on Monday – even the sun had his hat on. Old-fashioned swing boats, hit-the-rat, soak-the-rogue, mounds of gorgeous homemade cakes, a tombola and, one of the highlights, a very well attended dog show. See picture of Zippy (that’s the owner) below and his elderly alsatian who romped (limped) home with second prize in the veterans’ class.

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Stock pics from last March

having a morning-in editing the stock photography images… this lot to go to Getty and GapPhotos… Looking forward to spring already!

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Beautiful Barga, Tuscan hill top town in Italy

Evening walk with the family in Tuscany. An ancient Italian tradition, in one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. The evening sunlight and the dramatic location make travel photography delightfully easy…

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